Green Parking

The majority of our managed locations have taken steps to promote "green" parking. See our list below for available amenities:

Our Locations Public Transit Nearby Electric Car Hook-ups Bike Racks Motorcycle Parking Car Rental Carpools Paperless Billing
State Parking Lot            
Vikings VIP Parking Pass - 8/24/19 vs. Cardinals              
Lafayette Park Parking Lot              
Limited Ameriprise Parking          
Hospital Parking Ramp        
B Parking Lot          
711 Parking Lot          
414 Parking Lot        
500 South 3rd Street Lot            
Calhoun Beach Club Parking Garage          
Portland East Parking Lot            
Capital City Plaza Parking Ramp      
Hennepin County Central Library Parking Garage        
Central Lutheran Church Parking Lot          
Landmark Towers Parking Ramp      
Hennepin County Government Center Parking Garage            
Select Comfort Employees            
Town Square Parking Ramp          
Hennepin County Walker Library Garage        
Target Field Station Ramp        
Nordic Parking Ramp          
Wells Fargo Place Parking Ramp        
World Trade Center Parking Ramp